Make the html and styles section at the bottom detachable.

It would be so great if you made the html and styles section at the bottom detachable, so that you could drag that section to your second monitor and work from there too. Its just such a hazel having to open and close it all the time, to be able to view the page properly.

Regards Six.

has been asked a few times already

I'm sorry.. Not my intention to flood the forum, I just din't find anything about it when searching the forum. What was the conclusion though? will they implement it or is it not possible to do due to program limitations?

Not to be persnickety is that a word? lol, but what did you do a search for? I just did a search for "detach windows" and the main thread came right up :P

hahaha, well I'm going to call out "Fool!" at myself, I searched for style window and bottom section and html section and that came up with nothing relevant, guess i could have been more thorough.. Btw you ever noticed that "lol" kinda looks like a drowning man, cheers! :-)

LMAO too funny! No worries, just thought I'd point out the search I did that worked lol. Don't drown too badly!

Anyways, thanks Jo, actually helpful that you did point it out, now I'm able to see what the devs responded.