Making custom.scss for bootstrap theme

I am trying to create a custom bootstrap theme using custom.scss. I have created a blank theme in BBS and set it as the theme.

I have created a folder “scss” under styles and imported all the bootstrap scss files, I noticed this may not be correct.

Do i need to make all them partial so that use @import in the custom.scss?

Love to hear your advices! thanks in advanced

The recommended way is to maintain your theme outside of Bootstrap Studio and include the compiled CSS as a custom theme.

Your approach of importing the Bootstrap SCSS code and having our built-in compiler do the building is possible, but it will necessitate modifications to the bootstrap code. This will make it very hard for you to update to a newer bootstrap version in the future.

Thanks. I am using the custom.scss and a project file for building the theme. The file is not used for any website development.

Once the css is compiled, will use it in a new website project. I have kind of figured how to do the bootstrap custom theme and i found out it should not be used with a working project as it will mess up the whole setup.