Making HTML and Styles floating

First of all, sorry for my weak English, I'm using Google to be able to write. I like the BS and I think it's an amazing program. I suggest, for it to get better, that the HTML and styles panels were floating so that you could drag them to one or more additional monitors. This would cause you to have access to the highest amount of data, facilitanto the search and the inclusion of data in styles and even in HTML with the use of Personal Code.

Yes, it's very nice idea indeed.

Or they must have give option using a key we can be able to hide all the panels.

@jin: You can already hide/collapse all the panels pretty much with a nice little mouse click feature that shows them as you click them on the sides. Mouse over the inside edge of the open panel area and you should get a drag icon. Drag it all the way to the left for the left panel and to the right for the right panel. Now you should have a smaller little area of icons that represent the panes in each side panel. click those icons and it will open the window for you to use those sections. Click it again to close them.

Click the blank area to the right of the word HTML or Styles (basically the top of that bottom pane) and it will close that panel. Click that area again at the bottom to open it back up.

Works pretty slick!

There are only a couple panels I'd like to see break out really and that's the HTML and Styles panes so they don't have to sit open at the bottom all the time when needing to use them. Othewise I love how the collapsing of the side panels work and that's as far as breaking out needs for me goes. :)