Mark as not for publication

I see there is a way to mark a page/folder etc. as hidden from export (see Design Panel | Bootstrap Studio).

It would be good if there was an option to hide pages/folders when publishing to the BSS hosting. Either as a separate option or by extending the functionality of the current ‘Hide from export’ to do both.

This would enable draft folders or pages to be excluded from the published website be it via BSS publishing or an exported version.


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For html pages you can right click the folder or the page in the list and hide them there. I haven’t checked lately to see if folders were added for js and css yet. I know they were planning it. You can hide the js or css the same as html, but the selection list is different in order to accommodate the ability to run them on specific pages. To turn them off for all choose the one that says show on all…except… And choose all the pages.

Hi, Thanks for the info. Yes I’m aware of the hide function but where as it’s hidden from an exported site it’s still included in the site if it’s published to the Bootstrap Studio Site servers.

The other option would be custom publish but that appears to only work for SFTP sites not BS Sites!

I’m looking at the app now and it seems that someting has changed and is missing. I’m sure we were able to hide from export and also for upload. I don’t “think” I was doing custom uploads every time I wanted to not include a page or file.

@Martin, any feedback on this? Something doesn’t look right to me on it.

If you hide a page by right click and hide in export will the page not be included when you click the publish button

here is an example

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Yeah it is, but I think he was originally wanting to know how to keep it from publishing too.

a hidden page will not be published. In the example I had a custom 404 page otherwise you will get the BSS default page sorry we can’t find the page

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Hmm must be a BSS server issue then as that’s how I thought it was working too.

It is not a bss server issue if you look at the console in the example you will see a 404 error when you try to load a page that not exist that redirect you to a 404 page. The example show that hidden pages are not published

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Well, according to the OP he says it’s still publishing them.

Hi, So I’ve just re-run the test I did a few days ago and the hidden page is no longer being published. So I don’t know if it’s something that’s changed in the latest release or something else was going on with my project file or publishing but it no longer appears to be an issue.

But thanks for your time and discussion which prompted me to re-test :slight_smile:


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In older versions “Hide in Export” didn’t hide the page when publishing. This was fixed in 6.2.0 so now everything should work as expected.

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Thanks, that’s fab :slightly_smiling_face:

Not a biggie but I just wonder if the menu labels need a tweak to clarify the functionality? maybe instead of ‘Hide in Export’ & ‘Show in Export’ it could be something like ‘Mark as draft’ & ‘Mark as live’ or ‘Mark as Inactive’ & ‘Mark as Active’. With a suitable explanation in the documentation.

Great app :slight_smile:


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