Material Design Icons issue

Not sure if this is all icons, no time to test them all to see unfortunately, due to the site having to be uploaded to see if it's broken or not.

I have been using a "Material Design Icon" within the icons setup of BSS for quite some time. The name is "Flare" and it's worked up until at least 2 updates ago, but I'm not sure which update of the last 2 broke it. I believe it was the last one, but ...

Anyways, I'm on the Mac version and within BSS itself all looks fine and when previewing in the browser it ls also fine, but when uploaded it is replacing the icon with the actual text name of the icon instead. Not sure what is wrong since I don't know what the actual code should say and I'm assuming they must have changed something either in the icons or in the browser itself that no longer displays them correctly since it displays fine in BSS and the browser preview.

Please fix this asap so we can be sure we don't have a ton of broken icons out there. For now I guess I'll have to track them down one at a time to make sure no others are broken, and stay away from Material Icons until then.

Never mind, apparently the icons directory got an update and I didn't realize it and I don't upload every directory in the Assets folder every time ( time consuming when it is containing all the images as well). I'll add the Icons directory to my basic uploads so this doesn't happen again. Sorry for the confusion.

Might be good if we were alerted when files inside the assets folder are updated so we know that certain things "need" to be uploaded to make sure everything on our pages show correctly. Being that the program exports all files all date stamped as new, there's really not any way of knowing what's updated

If it were put into the Changelog for us, we would know that specific directories have changed and should be uploaded. :)