Max projects on startup of BSS

Is it possible to have the app show more than the last 4 projects I've worked on? Would love to be able to see at least 10 or more even. Maybe allow us to set that setting to tell it how many to show? There's that huge window so there's lots of space there for projects lol. Can make the boxes and logo smaller too if need be, wouldn't bother me any.

Bumping this as it would really be so much better if all the current projects in the main directory would be listed or a scrollable list in some way or whatever way this could be made possible. I already keep archives of my projects in a subdirectory of the BSS projects directory, and those could be hidden no problem, just really would love to have "all" of the projects in the main level of the projects directory all listed so as to be able to choose them from the startup window same as the 4 last projects currently utilizing that huge screen of wasted space :P<br /> I edit a lot of projects at any given time so this would help a lot for me and I'm sure others are probably in the same boat if they are web designers for more than just their own websites. Thanks!

+1 - think this is a great idea