Maximize panels, import projects & clicable HTML view


I think it would be great to:

1) have ability to selectively maximize panel, especially for CSS/JS view, but also HTML would be good, 2) HTML view shall allow clicking to select tag to which some new attributes are to be attached. Assuming it is now implemented, it does not work for me now. Anyway, what I am after is to copy the "Overview" panel behavior. 3) I have several pages of the same site created in a version, which has no support for multi file project. How to merge them to act as single site project? 4) JS editor fold/unfold option - would be great to have it while using quite large file

That's all as for now :)



some new attributes are to be attached

at the bottom of the html-view, there is "Attributes". Click to open. You can add classes, id, an with the "+" more attributes

How to merge them to act as single site project?

If I have more than one component in by <body> I create a temp container - move all in - copy - go to my other site - paste.

So I put the best out of my 5 testsites into 1

@arkadiusz-raj Thank you for your suggestions!

  1. This is a great idea. We are planning a rewrite of how the panels work in the next releases. We will build support for attaching/detaching panels and editors and giving you control on where they are presented. We have quite a lot of work to do before taking this on.
  2. Adding attributes works now. If it doesn't work for you, it would mean it is some bug. Can you try it in the latest version of the app? If you are on OS X make sure that you've enabled right clicking.
  3. You can use the Copy To option to send pages from one design to another. This way you can combine your separate designs into one.
  4. This is a nice suggestion. We will add this in the next releases together with some more options like tab size for code editors.

2) updated to 2.2.1 - the thing is that sometime it works sometime does not (what I am after is selecting tag, clicking, i.e. moving this rectangle surrounding tag itself). The same happens while trying to click those small triangles in html view (folding/unfolding )

Thus seems it is some kind of bug. ( I am running on Ubuntu right now.)

On OSX as for now clicking HTML view works perfect.

By the way, why the context menu differs from the overview one?

By the way, why the context menu differs from the overview one?

@arkadiusz-raj this is because in the HTML panel you manipulate HTML/DOM elements, and in the Overview panel you work with Components. Not all HTML elements have a corresponding component (some HTML elements are generated by parent components, like the container inside navbars), so we can't show the same context menu in both places.