Media Queries off by 1

It seems like media queries are being rendered incorrectly, for example @media (min-width: 576px) won't kick in until 577px in BSS, but starts at 576px in Chrome.

We weren't able to reproduce this. Could you provide more info, perhaps a screenshot to help us track down the issue?

Thanks, ended up that restarting seemed to fix the issue.

I found a similar problem, see the screenshots below. It has to do with changing the UI scaling and affects different media queries at different ui scales, with UI scaling at 100% there is no problem.

enter image description here

enter image description here

Not all items will adjust themselves, you will sometimes even need to create media queries that don't fall into the "default" ones. I've had to do that many times to accommodate more devices and smoother flow. Without knowing exactly how your site is set up, it's hard to help in any way though, because we don't know what you've used that is default components/elements and what you may have created manually or added from other coder sites and so on. We also don't know what you've changed/added/removed in the CSS file(s) so .... You would probably get more help/advice/response if you provide a link to your project so the devs can take a look at it, and sometimes us users will help too. Just looking at screenshots of what it's doing doesn't tell us anything about "why" it's doing it.

I think your missing the point, if you look at both of those images they are at 992px wide, it will display fine at 100% UI scaling in the bootstrap viewer, if i change it to 95% the viewer renders it wrong, so im pretty sure its a viewer problem related to the UI scaling. If you look at the screenshots below one is using 100% ui scaling and one is using 95% UI scalilng, notice how the viewer renders it wrong at 95%, obviously a bug with the way the viewer is rendering it:

100% UI scaling 95% UI scaling

We've tracked down the problem. It seems to be an Electron issue (precisely - Chromium). Unfortunately it's out of our hands. What we can do is change the default sizes that are displayed when changing the breakpoint (SM, MD, etc.). For example instead of 992px on LG, the canvas would be 1000px by default. That won't affect the actual breakpoints used in media queries and such, we would just change the preview sizes. What are your thoughts on this?

What are your thoughts on this?

report to electron/chromium and let's wait for the bug to be fixed. Not a major issue, the stage area has always been limited and there's a preview option available in BSS.

not a big deal, ill just remember to keep the ui scaling to 100% : )

I just ran into this issue myself. Is there a link for tracking the bug with electron/chromium?