Media Query - Bug or typo in tutorial...??

Hi Guys, 1) I'm really starting to grasp how BSS works... one thing I came across while following along with the tutorial on "Writing Media Queries" ( ). It says "By default, it is prefilled with the size of the canvas as max-width"... when I use this feature it actually loads the opposite "min-width"? Curious, if this is a bug or typo in the tutorial?

2) Another question I have... It seems like the way BSS writes CSS... every class has it's own media query. Is there a way to group classes under the same media query when using BSS. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

1) Bootstrap 3 uses max-width and Bootstrap 4 uses min-width for the media queries. I am going to say that tutorial is for Bootstrap 3.

2) I would search the forum .... as more detailed answers have been given than I can explain.

oh okay... makes sense. I appreciate the quick reply... thanks!

Bootstrap 4 is better for the mobile devices as the stylesheet is being read from top to bottom. The mobile device will find the min-width first and move on skipping the other min-width queries because the logic becomes false as soon as it hits the next query. In Bootstrap 3 which catered to the desktop era more, the opposite is true. The mobile device will have to load all the max-width queries (because they are true) until it gets to the smallest max-width and then uses that.

To answer your last question the answer is no, there is no grouping under one media query straight out. There may be something you can do with SASS? Unsure as I don't use it yet.

Noted. Thank you both for the replies. Have a great day!