Menu Item or Nav Item not found in Studio pane.

In the Overfiew pane, I see Menu Item or Nav Item which I'm unable to find in Studio pane. Can someone shed some light on how to add these kind of elements ?

Version 4.5.7

enter image description here

If you're trying to add an item to the navbar, you select it and use the menu i've highlighted. add item to navbar

I think I'm completely blind. Thank you ! I have another one which I'm sure I'm blind too, when I add a carousel in my header, the slides overflow the carousel. Probably due to the image but I'm trying to figure out how to add a carousel of a 500px height and width 100% of the page of course and see it in the designer.

enter image description here

After you add the image to the carousel, if it's overflowing the slide click on the image and in the Options panel at the bottom you will see a switch for "Responsive". Click that and your image will shrink to fit the container. You'll also see where you can adjust the width and height, but with the Bootstrap carousel, the carousel height is determined by the height of your image so if you give it a fixed height of 500px, it's going to look distorted as you change viewport sizes. Instead, make your image 500px high by whatever width you feel your largest screen size will be, and then let the Responsiveness do the work of sizing it proportionately as the carousel resizes.

Most people who are viewing websites on desktop monitors these days are using monitors with a 1080 x 1920 resolution, so I generally make my slides 1920px in width, and then go from there. There are a small percentage of people out there using 4k monitors (mostly for gaming) so on those screens the slide images will end up looking a little blurry, but everything in web design is a trade off these days. I prefer to keep the image size reasonable rather than accommodate a niche resolution.

If I understand, we don't touch the carousel or the slides or the slide but only the image ?