Menu/Nav ideas

So, I'm trying to find an easy to slap in multi-level (2 or 3) menu that is easy to slap in and get it done. I'm not sure why they stopped adding that feature to the Bootstrap navs, but it's killing me because I have never worked on a site yet that didn't need at least 2 levels below the main level so I always have to find things externally that end up always being custom code.

Anyone have any good menus they like to use that aren't rocket science to add, or that actually work as they should? I find lots of them, but there's always something that doesn't work right, or they aren't enough levels. I would be happy with 2 levels below the main level, but 3 would be even better. Right now I just need one that does 2 below the main level.

Needs to be responsive and preferably have the hamburger system already in place. I've spent 2 days searching them out and I'm just fit to be tied at this point! lol. Thanks for any assistance anyone can provide on this.

Jo this isn't the same thing as what you're asking for and I'm sure you've thought of this but just in case you haven't I'll throw this out there for what it's worth.

I deal with second level and beyond submenus by using buttons or a NAV on the page at the level above. It works well, is responsive, and there's no custom coding to do.

A basic example of this follows: Click Here

Yeah, nice setup, how did you get that Hamburger menu in there with everything being so locked up with the components? And of course I do need the multi level setup which is more important even than the Hamburger menu, but both are really needed. Thanks for the idea though John :)

How did you get that Hamburger menu in there with everything being so locked up with the components?

It's just a regular default NAVBAR inside a Header component.

The reason I decided to change my submenus to this way is because before I was having problems getting multi-level submenus to display properly on smartphones. The first 2 levels would display then the rest were truncated, cut off.

Ahh that makes sense, and I surely appreciate the tip too if I ever get a client that only needs 1 level of submenus. Thanks!