Meta Data: Apply to all pages / Global Tags

While I love the meta data, it's painful to use on anything other than index.html

Can we set global meta data, or at least send that data to specific pages? One of my sites has 3 landing pages, needing it's own meta tags.

Painfully slow :(


Thank you for the idea!

Here is what we can do. We can change the current Themes dialog and rename it to "Settings" and we will organize it in tabs. The first tab will be the Bootstrap theme for the design, the second will be meta tags. The meta tags will reuse the same interface we have for the page meta tags, but they will be global and shared by all pages.

How does this sound?

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Hi Martin, that would be a start.

You know what would be better, and consistent with your design?

Adding to the HTML Overview panel on the left, something like this:

HTML - Head -- Meta Object -- Meta Object -- Meta Object -- Meta Object -- Meta Object -- Meta Object - Body -- ....

So, you could add a new component for Meta Object. On the right hand panel, you can add all the properties and values.

This model would allow us to GLOBAL certain meta values, while adding meta values that are page dependent.

This would perhaps allow you to add additional "header" objects that I've seen requests for in the past.

What do you think?

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