Migrate Actual PHP WebApplication to BSS

Hi People:

I have some web applications maded with PHP and some other backend technologies and standard manually coded HTML + CSS + JavaScript frontend (you know, jquery plug-ins and things like that).

BSS definitive shortcut the design time of the pages and make it look very good.

Normally I have some kind of "Master Document" (a template html page) that I use to "inherit/include" them to make the other pages of the site and for any other type of functionalities (CRUD, visual query, pick-up lists, reports, etc.) i have a lot of others "Inherited Master Document" pages that I use when a need them.

Because I don't use a visual form designer to make que pages is easy to me to use some kind of "include sections" to implement I want.

I make applications like accouting, register of documents, register of sales and son on. Commercial and Enterprise-like applications. As some people works, when use Java technologies.

I want to know if there is some kind of example of using BSS to do this kind of applications or if there is some aproach I can use or do.

Because I have available server technologies I can use the html generated pages of BBS for pre-processing to generate final html for the final user.

That's I make on PHP as usually.

Thanks Your very much for your advices. and Best Regards