Minor bug involving text alignment when in text editing mode

Following the exact steps will reproduce the bug. You can do this with a blank page or an existing site if you prefer.

1) Add a paragraph component (by default the text will be left aligned.) 2) Double click to enter the text editing mode and change it to read anything other than "Paragraph". 3) Without leaving the text editing mode, Under Text Options, click any alignment button. 4) The alignment will change, but whatever you wrote will be erased and revert back to whatever it said before you changed it, and you will be unable to reselect the component unless you first select something else on the page. It's like it becomes frozen.

This also seems to happen with the heading component. (I haven't checked any others.)

Basically, if you want to change the text alignment, you cannot do it while in text editing mode. You have to do it before you enter the text editing mode, or you have to edit the text first, exit the editing mode, then reselect the component and change the alignment.

Thanks for reporting! I can confirm the bug. It will be fixed in the next release.