Missing Design Files


I'm new to Bootstrap Studio, but I thought I'd give it a try to speed up front end development (was using Visual Studio Code) and make use of some handy components. All has worked out great until now.

I started to websites that didn't have any timelines established so that I could tinker at my leisure. I published both projects on the bss.design servers with the following URL's:

https://sapphyr360-mockup.bss.design published 4/17/20 https://dniministries.bss.design published 4/27/20

I haven't used Bootstrap Studio since 4/27/20, until today. I was going to open the sapphyr360 project and add a logo that was sent to me by the site owner, however, It's nowhere to be found. I found 5 backups for dniministries as .bsdesign files, but there are no .bsdesignfiles or any other files (i.e. .html, .css, .js) for that project. I search my entire disk and I cannot find this website.

To complicate matters further, I cannot find a way to download the files I published to bss.design either.

While searching the forums for a thread about missing design files ("The Entire Project" it seems), I did come across a thread discussing the software's lack of capability to import a website into a .bsdesign "project" file. In addition, I don't even see a feature to retrieve the files from the .bss.design server, such as an import function or even FTP. Is the publishing feature a unidirectional feature? I realize I can snage the HTML and CSS files with a browser, but seriously, this whole situation is a fiasco.

I know I saved the sapphyr360 project. So either the software didn't actually save the file, subsequently deleted or overwritten the file or I have a gremlin!

I am hoping one of your experienced users can provide some direction. I would hate to discover the entire project is lost and I have to start over.

Thank you kindly.