missing some html tags

Hello everyone, i am new user to bootstrap studio. while i was recreating a component of a custom theme that is built on bootstrap, i run into the problem of not having the tag <i> which makes the text italic. there is a tag that does that in bootstrap which is the <em> tag but the css class uses the <i> tag. now, you can say that i can create css for <em> or copy the css from the original tag but the problem is that i don't know where the original css for <i> is. There are too many css files for me to check.

Is there a way to use other html tags or find where is css of the <i> Thanks in advance.

If you are using the default files for Bootstrap that come with BSS then the "em" class will work. If you've imported other CSS files then it will still work because that's the default italics tag for Bootstrap, it's not "i". There is no reason why the italics wouldn't work. If it's not working, give us the steps here please on what you have done to see if we can help at all here on it.

Since the only 3 ways to add italics to the code is done via the text editor, the css or in custom code, I will assume you're trying to add italics to something in a Custom Code box. If that is the case then there is no need for the "i" tag to be added. Use the internal "em" which is what you should be using anyways. :)