Missing spaces when copying from outlook 2013

When copying a long text out of outlook into a paragraph inside bss, some spaces get lost. Simply send yourself a mail and open it with outlook (2013) to copy the text. I can provide the text i have tested this with on request to you martin.


I think this may be an issue with the 2013 version of Outlook. I use Outlook 365 which is the 2016 version and this isn't an issue there. Unfortunately I can't collaborate, but hopefully knowing that it is not in the newest version may help the devs. Also I am on a Mac version which may make a difference.

I DO have this issue with the 2016 version of MS Word though, so it may be an issue with various office products.

Bumbummen99, I would suggest for now that you copy your text into a text editor and then into BSS, which is what I have to do with anything someone sends me in Word that has to go in a website, at least until they hopefully pin down this issue and fix it.

Thank you for your reply @Jo

The workflow that you have suggested is what i am actually doing. Sadly i can not test the 2016 editions currently. I will test copy n paste when i have access to a machine with 2016 editions installed.