Modal form on multiple pages.

Has anyone come up with a way to have the same modal form available on multiple pages without having to duplicate the whole form? Pete

Do you mean you're having to recreate the form on each page in the BSS app? Or just the fact that you have it on every page?


Not sure I understand your question. Situation is I have a drop down menu at the top of every screen for the to logout or update his profile. The profile update is a modal. Right now, it's defined on one page but The update profile function needs to be available on every screen.

I know this not a BSS problem, just inherent in how Bootstrap implements modals.

Ok, it sounds like you might need to use the templating method which is something I do. This might be a little long :)

What we do for our sites is build a Homepage and a Support page (all other pages that are not the home page :) ). The Support page is a template shell which contains everything that is not the main content then we use database injections (server side includes to stuff in the main content on each page. Other people here use PHP effectively in a similar way.

However, first I'm not sure if you know about the BSS app's Copy/Paste Link function. Go here and watch the second video, points 8 & 9 are the ones to pay attention to.

I would recommend using the Copy/Paste Linked method because then if you decide to make a change to a linked item then you only have to make that change once instead of on every page.

Assuming you watched the video, you would Copy/Paste Link the modal and or the nav that contains your modal function to your other page(s). In the OVERVIEW pane drag them into position as a sibling of the original and then delete the original so that you only have the linked version left. Do this on all your pages. It does not work across projects, only within the same project.

WARNING If you delete the copy/paste linked item, the undo doesn't re-link the item you will have to re-copy/paste link the item again from another page that has the linked item to get the linked function back.

Now once you have all your pages updated, then comes my template method.

On my current 60+ page project, I had to do that on all my pages 60+ times (because I didn't know the feature at the time). After I did that, then for any new pages, I create a template to base the new page on.

  1. In the DESIGN pane on the bottom right of the app click to expand the Pages menu
  2. Right click on a page and select Duplicate
  3. Rename the new file to template.html and double click it
  4. In the OVERVIEW pane on the bottom left of the app find the element that contains the main content of the page and delete the content with in it

Now you have a template file in the app to base any new pages from which also contains all your linked items in it too. You just duplicate the template.html file, rename the new template-1 file to whatever you want the new pages name and double click it to design the new pages main content.

I realize that not all of this might not be useful but it at least gives you some away to work out what your looking for I hope :)


Thanks saj, that is very useful. I didn't know about the Paste as Link feature and that's the key to this. I don't currently have a template page but I will make one since that will help too.

The only thing that looks like it's missing is there doesn't seem to be a way to discover the original version of a linked item. If you have a template, they'd all be in there of course but there could be other places.


There really is no original version of a linked item. Once you have created a linked item, you can edit it on any page and it will update them all, there's no "template or master" page needed to do that part. Keeps it simple and easy. If you're wanting to keep the original one intact, I would see that you save a copy of it on a page that is not linked to the rest. I have a good handful of linked items on some of my clients sites and I've come to create a sort of Master Links page lol. Basically I put all the original linked items on it and and they are not linked. This way if I ever need to reference where it started I can, but honestly I've never had to even look at that page yet for months so it's probably not really necessary for most things.

I've got a lot of clients that want right and left sidebars so I've created links of those as well as my headers and footers which saves a lot of time.

Hope that helps!

OK, didn't realize that any of them could be edited so that's good.