Modals not showing in application after 4.4.1 update


I have been working on a project for about a week now, and yesterday the 4.4.1 update was pushed. After installation, clicking "show" on my modals only brings up a strange blue box at the very bottom of the screen--making it impossible to edit the content inside. Additionally, sometimes when switching pages/opening the application, it seems like one or several of my stylesheets are not loading! The pages look like a mess, and I have to quit/restart again to resolve the issue.

Is anyone else experiencing this? I am now behind on my deadline and can't make two simple changes due to the fact that I am unable to view my modals. I contacted support and reported the bug, but figured I would ask here as I await a reply.

Thanks in advanced, Eva

We narrowed this problem down to external libraries that were linked in the design. If others are facing similar issues, be sure to contact us.

I am having the some problem, modals are not showing anymore...