Modify contact form in Freelancer Theme

Hello, is there a way I can modify the “green” color in the Freelancer theme contact form? Or, if not, is there a way to remove the small text when you place your curser in the placeholder?
Please see attached screenshot. Thanks.

Add this to your css

.form-floating > .form-control:focus ~ label, .form-floating > .form-control:not(:placeholder-shown) ~ label, .form-floating > .form-select ~ label {
  font-size: 1em;

You change styles and colors in the CSS. Please read the Docs on how to manage locked classes/ID’s and familiarize yourself better with the app. What you’re asking is a very intuitive feature of BSS, almost impossible not to see it if you have the basic knowledge of the app itself.

No offense meant at all, just pointing you in the right direction so you can find your answers better.

Thank you Richards. That worked.

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Thanks Jo-r. Still getting used to the app.