More "Bootstrap Themes"

Add in some new bootstrap themes, since there hasn’t been any new ones added in… would be nice to use some more up-to-date themes that make your site look up-to-date with the latest website designs, for example “Tailwind CSS” makes your site looks minimalistic and modern, helpful to those designing SaaS-Themed websites etc…

I recommend styling and compiling Bootstrap SCSS directly in Bootstrap Studio
I wrote more in this thread:

Yes, as @michalbialkowski mentions using the compiler in Bootstrap Studio is a nice alternative for theme control. If you follow the instructions, you can even have all the themes compiled in one project using the powerful visibility feature.

Bootswatch Themes

Basically, my workflow for this is to design using the Bootstrap compiler and a blank bootstrap theme as he mentions. Then when ready for production and upload, export the project, find the theme.compiled.css and run it through autoprefixer Autoprefixer Online which is the required second step listed on Bootstraps instructions. Then rename, and import it as a theme in settings and proceed to turn off the compiler version file by putting a underscore in front of the name. Now you are using your locked customized version. Export again and it becomes the normal bootstrap in the head section.

Now start learning how to go further and import only the Bootstrap sass you are using for instance only the grid, accordion, carousel left out etc…

Really the ony thing left out now is a option to have autoprefixer update the sass but it is really just a small inconvenience given all the powerful features included in Bootstrap Studio.

Again, it would be a wonderful feature to have the choice of using the sass structure as a option. It would be write-protected of course but one would be able to copy and paste to your own structure the sass. Future request…with autoprefixed export option…

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Another solution: use Bootstrap Build to style your template, then import generated bootstrap.css file as a theme into your project

This is what I was doing before I started styling and compiling Bootstrap directly in BSS