Move Issues window out of BSS

Basically, the window is big, covers half the app and is just a bit annoying to keep moving it around trying to fix things. Would be nice if it could be moved out of BSS to the screen it’s on or even if better would be if it could be moved to another monitor since many of us have multiple monitor setups. :slight_smile:

P.S. Love the feature though! Thanks for that!

Question: I’m a bit confused that it’s picking up hidden items as issues since those don’t get exported. Is there a reason for that? I have some sites that I have dozens of them as they change events a lot and instead of having to use User Components I opted to put them all in the page and hide them all. This way I can just “Show” the ones that are current. Simpler than having to drag and drop and it allows for keeping the styling current too which isn’t as easy as saved components. I haven’t even tried the Issues setup on those projects yet as that will be full of hidden items lol.

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+1 for this, absolutely move issues window to second monitor or at least make issues windows resizeable…

Got to thinking about this a little more and another addition that would be very useful on this is an ability to print the Issues list in full so we can just refer to it that way as an option as well. Right now we can’t even copy/paste it as none of the text is selectable, but I’d rather a print option since it can sometimes be pretty long and would be tedious trying to do a copy paste line by line lol.

Just more food for thought that I hope could help everyone. :slight_smile: