Much wider Options pane please

I know I posted something on this before, but I can't find it so it must be mixed in with some other thread.

Please make it so we can widen the Options pane much more than it does now. Double the width it is now would be perfect!

I'm coming up on the 2nd year of needing this to be done due to the multitude of manual changes that I will have to make for links that will be changing the "year" setting of the file in them. Basically a full year of weeks for a church Bulletin and Newsletters which I set up all at once so I can do it and be done with it.

Unfortunately there's no way to do any type of "mass" editing of links so you have to do them one by one. This means I have to have a lot of room on the URL box of the Link Options pane because these files are located within multiple folders in other words:


Obviously if the names were all short like above that would be fine but ... alas most of them are at least double that or more. It's a lot of extra work to have to constantly scroll to the end to edit what is needed, and I have to scroll to the end of the URL box for every change. That is 52 weeks for 3 sites ...

Have pity on me please!! lol. Give us a much wider stretchability for the Options pane please! :)

Thank you for the suggestion, Jo! This is one of the cases where I think that converting the element with your links to Custom Code, and then using the code editor would make things much easier. Our code editor supports multiple cursors, so that when you select the part you want to change in one link, you can press Ctrl+D (or Cmd+D for Mac) a few times, and select all occurrences. Then, when you type, all links will be modified at once.

Hmm I'm going to have to think about that, it would actually be a lot of work that way too I'm sure, and I would lose all ability to use the functions of BSS to manage the accordion which would be counter productive to the task I think. In other words, it would take longer to manipulate the code in that "too small" code box which also has limitations on size and no wrapping functionality. I would have to do the entire accordion in custom code to do this which is a very long setup when you consider an entire year's worth of links preset.

I like the idea of the mass changing of the text though, but I really think that making the Options pane wider would be a much better solution so I don't have to manipulate the code every time they change which is weekly at this time.

Question for you: Are there plans to have the Panes/Windows break out of the main app so we can position them around our screens as needed? If so, will they be resizable to our liking then or still stuck at the same widths? If they will be resizable to what we want then I can wait.<br /> If there are no plans to give us breakout ability with possible resizing of panes, then I truly hope that giving us more width on the side panes will be considered.

Jo's idea sounds like a great idea. Especially if you can resize the breakout windows.