Multi-Select Options


It would be amazing to be able to do a lot more by multi-selecting components. I'm thinking things like copying (not "Copy To"), allowing the attribute editor to still have a class/id box for easily assigning multiple elements the same class, assigning labels, duplicating, and deleting. Not quite sure why I can't do any of these things to multiple selected components.

I understand the ID/Class Name inputs would be difficult to display the potential cases of each component having different pre-assigned class names and all that, but instead of showing them, I just want to assign multiple components the same class, so no need to worry about how all of those edge cases work out.

Hope this makes sense. Thanks so much for all the work you folks put into the program! :D

I've thought about this as well. There are times I wish I could apply say, a mt-3 class to 10 pictures all at once. Not sure how this could be done, but it would be useful.

+1 Now sure how doing multiples would work, but I too would love a way to do this.

I would also be extremely happy if it were just copiable from one to the other with a copy/paste setup:

1. You right click the component you want to copy the attributes (including all manually added ones). 2. Popup Menu would have a choice on it to Copy Attributes. 3. Now you right click the other component(s) you want to apply those attributes to. 4. Popup Menu would have a choice to Paste Attributes. NOTE: There would probably need to be a check for existing Attributes and maybe a popup warning like with photos, asking if want to "replace all" or "append" if it detects existing attributes in the component being pasted to.

That alone would save a ton of clicking and typing, or line by line copying an pasting.

Thank you for the suggestion! The problem with assigning attributes to multiple components at a time is that there is no viable way to show the current attributes of all selected components. The new attributes would override the old ones, but we'll discuss it with the team.

Jo, there is actually an option to copy attributes in the HTML Tree (in the bottom panel). Just right click a node, choose Copy Attributes, right click another and choose Paste Attributes.

Wow, that's great thanks!

This though is another example of a ton of work I "could" have saved, had there been documentation for this somewhere. Unless someone added this to it recently, I've been through all the documentation and nothing about this (and I'm sure dozens of other shortcut procedures) are explained anywhere.

This alone would probably have saved me hours of time over the past few months alone.

Glad to know it's there now, but seriously guys, someone really needs to get on with documenting this app. I know things change a lot, but damn, once you have the main things down it's not as hard to change them later as it is to have to do it all.

This would have been a perfect place to put it, you have a page already setup up for working with the HTML pane. 1 or 2 sentences could have saved me a lot of time:

I know you guys keep saying there's no time or people to work with it and that you have to make choices between features and documentation etc. But you've had offers from a number of us user to help with it. Give us an outline of how you'd like it written and let us help!

  1. When a new feature is added (no matter how small) make a short sentence for those helping document to tell them it's there and just the basic of how to use it. You people have to be discussing things along the way. Half of this is probably already written between you, just grab the pertinent and throw it in a doc for later as you go.
  2. Assign specific features to those helping so everyone isn't doing the same things.
  3. We turn in the finished document to you to go over and add to the site. Hell we could probably even give you the code to insert if that would speed it up.

Whatever it takes, it needs to get done!

Copy/paste attributes with right-clicking the mouse is actually more time consuming than just ctrl-c/ctrl-v

... just ctrl-c/ctrl-v --- depends on your dexterity ... both both keyboard & mouse would be appropriate

Ah but what you're missing on that Printninja is that it copies "all" of the attributes at once and pastes them all at once. So you don't have to do them one at a time with ctrl+v/c. That is definitely not more time consuming at all.

Thanks for the feedback, @jo! We don't feel comfortable asking the community to write documentation for us - it is our job after all. We will make it part of our process to document new features and changes as they are released. We added the copy/paste attribute option to the article as you suggested, and added a few more tutorials users have asked about to the Examples section (multilevel dropdowns, sidebars and date pickers).

Thanks Martin for adding what you did, I have actually been having to use external Menus because I didn't know how to implement multiple dropdowns with the default components so that helps a lot for me and I'm sure the rest will help me and many others too. Hopefully that's the start of much more to come. :)