multiple pages with the same name creates confusion

There are more pages with the same name in distinct folders (ie home/index.html, admin/index.html and so on). In the main panel I see two pages named "index" and I can easily edit the wrong page... Paolo

You can change the name of your pages by right clicking and then select rename in the pages panel. Problem solved

yes I know, unfortunately I must have pages with the same name in different directory... It can be usefull naming files in main panel as "directory/pagename"? Paolo

Ahh I see what you mean now. What you want of to have the fully page directory included on the page selection drop down that sits just about the break point viewer on main editing screen.

If so I would suggest raising this as a new idea request as can't do anything currently.

Yes I would agree as well, but it is also very easy now to see what page you have open there since you can only have one page open at a time for each project open. In the Design section on the bottom right, it highlights the page that is open so it's pretty hard to be confused as to which one is open. You create your folders there and put your index files in there and just look to see which one you have open if you want to make sure or you forget, etc.

Either way though, that would be a great feature and you should definitely take Chris's advice and add this as an idea. I'm sure it could be done as they did that for us when we asked for the page name to be displayed in the Page Properties area to show us what page we were looking at.

I would also suggest that you mention that to them so that when looking at the Page Properties, it will also show the directory it's in too. Get that all done in one step so they don't have to go back and fix another item with this feature.