My wish list

  1. Expanding groups by double clicking on the group. It's too fiddly to place cursor precisely on a triangle; slows you down.
  2. Remove the error highlight ahead of completing custom codes. Do it once the string is complete and evaluate the entire string rather as one types it. Moreover the highlight obfuscates the code so badly it is hard to see the cursor line under the highlight.
  3. Certain components are under lock. Why's such restriction? Why not allow conversion to HTML and turning them into custom code? I understand that those components are critical, but screw ups are not illegal or criminal offenses :); I hope. I know the entire project may be converted to HTML...

More later

Another wish Over reliance on mouse is unhealthy. Would be nice to be able to move around within the overview using keyboard up, down, Enter to expand a group, Backspace to contract the group, PgUp PgDown move between groups, Home or Ctr+Home move right to the top, Ctrl+End move to the last line within the Overview :D

Detachable panels. I'd like to be able to rearrange them to suit my way of working - I suppose others would like to

If you do a search most of those 'Wishes' have been asked already.

So to summarise: Locked components won't change, if you want full control convert to HTML and edit as custom code. Detachable panels - this has been asked but not something that will come anytime soon as the devs have to think about how they can do this.

+1 on expanding the code groups when clicking on the group rather than the arrow.

Not sure I'd like the whole aspect of the movement, but I'd like the arrow possibility for moving up/down the tree. Could be helpful, but not totally sure since I've really not found anywhere that I'd need to do that yet.

Other than that, Chris covered the rest. :)

How about Being able to use BSS with any other Editor like : Brackets ,Atom, SublimeText

I really don't see how that would be of benefit to the developers of this app Eric.

Other editors have support for features like emmet where you can provide a string of text and hit expand to build out an entire hierarchy of html. It would be nice to use an external editor, import the HTML and then convert the html into first class html objects within BSS rather than second class objects that you cannot edit or manipulate. I absolutely love your program, but I find the process extremely manual, having to drag and drop everything and apply attributes manually. It would be better if this bscomp file format was exposed to the public so that we can build a fully fledged component using an external editor and edit and tweak all standard html and css features within the wysiwyg interface. Imported HTML should not be relegated to second class citizen status of only one raw chunk of html that must be dragged as a whole and edited only as html. There should be a feature to convert an html hierarchy back to BSS objects that have full edit and manipulation features.

+1 for Eric.

i also prefer using other Editors, mainly Atom.

Reason is the much better Code Handling regarding completition, etc.

But this, because i take intensive ue of PHP and JavaScript for dynamic contents, and these area big deficites in Bootstrap Studio.

I understand BS mainly as an IDE for mostly static Websites using bootstrap.

Even eventhandlers as onClick are blocked for use as html attributes, so components need to be converted to html for adding these. The Tipp to use jquery-handlers is not really usable - at least for me, as i prefer to use pure javascript (also jquery is powerful). Actually it means - pure js or jquery as well - to keep track on separate handlers to define for each Component.

The next is, that the handling of js-files is -beside the in this case poor editor - a bit complicated. External js can only be bound with Full URLs - which resides on the File-Handling of BS for Preview.

I prefer using BS for the [responsive] layout but external Editor for js and php.

Its a bit tricky to bring them together, and BS-Preview does not work with, so you have to Export and use external Browser for full preview.

So, using alternate ways to integrate, like binding external js files in relative manners or using event handlers like onClick and still being possible to use the BS bootstrap GUI features needs some initial scripting, but it is possible...