Nasty Bug

Hey guys, I found a really crazy thing and its making my work with this really miserable. This bug is very random so it will be hard to explain. Essentialy - the software randomly resets the already worked on elements.

Example: I work with a button that has a margin-top: 50px. In the same section I add heading h3 and I want to give it another 50px margin. The moment I enter the 50px and hit enter the first margin on the button is gone. Back to 0.

Another example: I work on the button and 3 sections ABOVE this one another section completely resets the texts... (it was build like this - I created row, filled it with text, duplicated the row 2 times, changed the text in other two rows) So - it remembers what was previously in the duplicated rows and resets them...

And IT HAPPENS EVERYWHERE!!!! AND ITS COMPLETELY RANDOM!!! Sometimes it doesnt happen for 30 minutes and then it happens 3 times in a row, then it doesnt happen again. BUT ITS A PAIN!!! I have no time to scroll through everything every time I want to save the project to make sure its not messed up!

I am on the very latest version 4.4.8


EDIT: I must say I observed that it only happens on elements that were duplicated and you change something in the duplicated element…

I'm not having this issue at all. Are these items being linked in some way do you think? Have you restarted the program to see if it did it after restarting it? Rebooted computer? Windows or Mac or...

I'm on Mac and so far I have not seen anything like this happen at all on my end. Try doing another project (if it's editing an existing one, be sure to back it up first) and see if it happens there. Start a new project and see if it happens there.

Let us know the above info and results and hopefully it's just something overlooked somewhere.

Sorry that you've run into issues! Does this happen when you modify the options in the Look & Feel sidebar, or when writing CSS in the editor below?

If anyone else is having this issue and is able to give us some pointers on how to reproduce it, it will help us a lot to fix it quicker.

Hi guys,

sorry it took me a while to replicate it and catch it on video...

it happens in Look and Feel. Take a look at the video. First I added some image, used a flexbox to center it and used margin left / right. Then I added a second image (duplicated the first one) and the moment I changed it it all looses margins and min-height...

And this happens randomly. It crossed my mind that I might need to confirm every change with enter key which I forget sometimes but...Iam really not sure...

Thank you very much for the video you provided! It helped us reproduce the issue. It will be fixed in the next release.

Good to hear it helped ;-) it was tough to notice cause it is very random... Thanks for letting me know and for keeping the great product!

Thanks for letting me know, it was a tough one to spot ;-)