Nav toggle only loads properly when i scroll down the whole page

Hello,if i open my website on mobile,the navbar toggle goes out of the screen and only becomes responsive when i’m at the bottom of my site, its just a beta site with probably alot of bugs, can someone check?

Your menu looks fine to me, doesn’t go off the page at all and the responsiveness seems to be set correctly when the browser is narrower.

You might want to clear your browser cache and check to see if maybe that’s what it is. I have to do that quite often as browsers don’t seem to be doing the work for clearing caches as they should be these days. Seems like almost every other time I upload changes I have to clear my cache.

Quick tip for clearing the browser cache on a specific website in Chrome (which caches AGGRESSIVELY!) without wiping the entire cache on the browser…

  1. Open F12 Developers tools (either hit F12, or right click on some empty area of your website and choose “inspect” from the menu, or type Ctrl+shift+I (I guess that’s Cmd+Opt+I on the Mac)

  2. Go to the top upper left menu in Chrome to the circular refresh icon and right click it.

  3. A popup menu will appear. Choose the last option (Empty Cache and Hard Reload)

Note: sometimes even THIS won’t clear the cache, and I’ve found that I have to totally log out of any Google account I’m logged into get it to work. On rare occasions, NOTHING I’ve done has cleared a browser cache… including running CCleaner, and setting flags in Chrome via about:config. In one instance, I had to resort to uploading a totally different website to the URL, browse it, delete it, and then re-upload the site I wanted. Sometimes I just say screw it and put sites in subfolder for testing purposes, and then delete them. Google seems to eventually “forget” what it’s cached after a couple of weeks. And I can find no rhyme or reason to when it behaves like this. It may be specific versions (because the damn browser constantly updates whenever it feels like, no matter what settings you select. Short of a firewall, I’ve never had any luck with stopping Google from updating by desktop Chrome when it decides it wants to.)

Google is a real PITA sometimes with how controlling they can get. Firefox has rarely does anything approaching this insane, aggressive caching crap, though they have occasionally gotten aggressive with their automatic updates.

I found the issue why my toggle nav is out of the screen on mobile, its because i have animations active on some images coming from fade left-right and the toggle nav corrects itself after the animations are finished, i removed fade-right left and now my navbar loads directly without going out of page.