NavBar Collapse


I have implemented the stock navbar, but experiencing an issue with it that I cant find an answer to on the forums. On mobile devices the navbar collapses as expected, but when you click the hamburger, the menu items rolls above and off the screen. I have tried all classes and options I can think of on the NavBar Collapse but I cant seem to work. The below image shows the issue.


Are you using Bootstrap Studio to create your site or some other app? BSS doesn't have a white background which is why I ask and some people mistakenly come here looking for help thinking they are at the Bootstrap website. :)

Hi Jo, yes its BSS, that screenshot is from Chrome, I was using that to see which CSS classes were being applied, but I cant seem to get it to work :-(

Have you edited the code at all for that navbar? I just added it to a spot on a test page and when I shrink the browser size horizontally it changes to the button as it should. When I click it it is shaded nicely and goes down as it should. Looks like you've edited it some as the text size is different etc. Can you upload it and provide a link please so we can see exactly what it's doing? Not sure I will find it, but if I don't someone else might be able to as well then.

Thanks for checking. I have edited the navbar and things like size and position, and it does work on a fresh instance, like you say. The eaiest thing would probably be to delete it and re-create- this is my first BSS project so I am learning all the time and probably messed something up along the way :-D.

No problem, what i would suggest is that you save your current project as separate project and then in the original project delete the Navbar and make sure all files are gone as well, then drag it in again and take it step by step adding in your settings from the old one, testing as you go until you find what caused the issue. Most likely it's just a setting that is missing something or overwrote something that was needed. Trial and error is a great way to learn, without a doubt! :)