Navbar items relative paths when using the submenu

I've organized my pages in folders for personal convenience and I've set up a navbar using the default Navbar block.

For example


Inside the Navbar I've set the item's links using the built-in "options -> URL" and Bootstrap Studio automatically filled the path.

However after exporting the website if click the menu item A which has the relative path "folderA/page A" at first it gets loaded but if I click it again the browser is redirect to the URL "folderA/pageA/folderA/pageA".

It seems that the base path used is relative to the page itself and not the website root.

Is there a fix for this other than using manually set absolute paths?

Set your URL with "/" in-front of it i.e. "/folderA/pageA". The "/" represents from the root follow this path.


I think that's the easiest way to say it. Without the "/" in-front then everything gets referenced from the current folder which is why you experienced your issue.


Thank you very much!

You're welcome, glad I could help.