navbar not working after duplicating a page

Possibly this isn't a bug, but it seems like one to me.

I'm prototyping a new site so I created a home page with a navbar and then started to to build internal pages with the navbar as a linked item. So far so good, except that I realised quite quickly that when I duplicate a page, the navbar doesn't work in extended view - only the collapsed (mobile) view.

If I manually delete the navbar and then copy it from a working page and select "Paste > Paste Linked" it works, so it's not too much of a chore.

Is this a bug or is there a "right" way to duplicate a page that won't require this extra step?

(I am using Bootstrap Studio 4.5.8)

1) I started a new project and added a navbar to index.html 2) I then created a new page 3) I copied the navbar from the index.html page and pasted it into the new page as a linked component 4) I duplicated the new page, and the nav bar worked fine.

I would suggest to start by checking the navbar in the original site you're trying to duplicate and make sure it's working on the same page it's not working on in the duplicated page. Could be it's duplicating it perfectly :P

Thanks, Jo, but that definitely is not the problem. The original navbar works fine. As I said, when I duplicate the page, the navbar does not work. If I delete the navbar from the duplicate page, then "paste linked" into the new page, it works. So the original linked navbar never fails; it only fails when the page is duplicated.

Thanks, Printninja. I have found that if I create a new page, as you described, and "paste linked" the header, footer etc then the navbar works fine. But if I duplicate the page, which obviously would save time, the navbar is not working correctly.

That's so strange, I have and do, do that all the time and have never had any issues with it. Has to be something missed somewhere that you/we aren't aware of. I don't "think" there's a bug there if others aren't experiencing it, but we may be able to help you if you can share your project file.

I tried to duplicate the bug and was unsuccessful. I agree with Jo. Post your .bssdesign file for us to look over. Maybe it's something odd you're doing that you're not aware of.