Need brain power to make this work


I am trying to make a filterable gallery with expansion in bootstrap studio what i am trying to dogallery grid expanding as well I would like to add to that a sortable part but I am having problems with the first part. The images that are suppose to be hidden aren't. If anyone has time and could make this work please tell me or make it and load it in the components because I've be at it for 2 days and it just doesn't want to work for me!!

I beg for your help.

There's already a pretty nice filterable gallery in there that works pretty slick. It won't open the entire category as your demo does, but it's really nice and you should check it out. With very little editing you could have it already set to go in no time. It's in the Online Components, can't recall if it's version 3 or 4 of Bootstrap, I believe it's there for both now.

Jo I checked that one out and yes it’s nice but I am really looking to have what I linked. I’ve found another one but it’s build in order list method but I want to have that expanding feature

Hey Michael,

Hopefully you'll see this, but you said you found an order list method item somewhere, can you point me to that item in BSS please? I'm trying to make a sortable table, but this restriction of not being able to use any of the "on" functions is really starting to get on my last nerve. Am hoping what you found may be what I'm looking for and will save me the hassle of making a table of almost 100 items into a Custom Code block. I truly do not want to have to edit a table of that size manually :( Thanks in advance!

Hi Jo,

Sorry for the very later answer but to help please check out this link click here

Ah I see, well to be honest you should be asking for assistance with the makers of that element that you're trying to use rather than here. If something isn't working properly with their setup they would be better set to help you than we would here.

Other than that, I could see that being a good possibility for setting up the filterable setup on it so once you get the element working properly as it is, then you should be able to add the filter scripts and setup to it without too much hassle.