Need clarification of 6.7 in Terms of Service of Reflow

In the ToS section 6.7 it states:

6.7 From time to time this website may also include links to other websites. These links are provided for your convenience to provide further information.

What are the links going to be and what other site will this “BSS ecom” site be linked too.

This is a standard clause which we include in our websites’ ToS. I agree that it’s not very clear, we’ll need to revise it.

It is about the reflow website and documentation potentially including links to third party sites/articles which are governed by their own tos and for which we are not responsible, but we include for convenience.

This is not about the embeddable components including links in their markup if this is the source of the confusion.

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Thank you for responding to my inquiry.

My concern is the language is ambiguous as you noted, displaying a competitors ad or a link to a competitors site on our webpage is not good. Even any other type of ad/link on our own domain is something that is off the table.

Please post an update when its updated, I would like to try out your ecomm package but not under the ToS as currently stated.

Well spotted, Squirrel. I hadn’t noticed that condition, it will be very interesting to see the new wording.

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Sadly, now days you have to read the ToS. Years ago, I would just click and go on, what a fool I was back then. Now, I read them.