Need help connecting two key licenses to the same website


I just bought to separate key licenses for my organization. I can't figure out how to connect them to the same website, and how I can connect them in order to view each others work. Can someone please help?

You will most likely need to use something like Dropbox to handle this, and it won't be pretty because this app doesn't have a built in system for sharing the file in real time. You won't be able to do the connecting to view eachothers work thing that I'm aware of unless there's some other app that can help you do this which I'm not aware of.

You will definitely not be able to have more than one person working on a project at a time. The app doesn't have the ability to handle that situation. Basically it's not meant for teams to work on at the same time.

Thank you for starting this thread! Unfortunately this isn't possible yet - websites can only be associated with a single license. It will be a very complex addition to the program to enable collaborative publishing. We are not against such a feature, but we have a lot of work before we can get to that point.

As @jo suggested, a workaround is to store your design in something like Dropbox and publish your site to your hosting account via SFTP periodically.

What happens if a BSS site IS stored on Dropbox, and two BSS users try to edit the site at the same time? Will one overwrite the other? Will the file become corrupted? Or will it simply not open on one machine?

This is my exact workflow with my partner in my website business. In our old site builder, we'd store our sites on Dropbox, and then either one of us could work on them, but if we tried to work on the same site at the same time, it would corrupt one of the saved files that kept track of the website, and we'd have to go in and manually change the file name in order to get it to load. So we got into the habit of telling each other over Skype messenger if we were planning to work on a particular site, to avoid conflicts.

I realize that collaborative editing would be a huge undertaking, and probably be impossible without moving BSS to the cloud. Just not practical. I wonder, however, if you could somehow create a version of BSS for teams that could have a live connection via the internet to show if one team member were working on a particular site, and then prevent anyone else from trying to edit that site at the same time.

I think that dropbox handles concurrent writes by keeping both versions and adding "conflicting copy" to the other, so this will prevent potential file corruption. It is up to the user to then decide what to keep from each design.

At the moment this isn't very easy as we don't have a tool to visualize differences between designs, but we wan't to do some kind of comparison eventually.