Need help with style.css


i am trying to create my top page to fill with image (top section using background size : cover). this is successful when i preview on my localhost but when i uploaded to my webhost, the additional class i inserted into style.css is missing.

i can see the class when i inspect the page but for unknown reason the entry i included in style.css is not there.

this is the page → Wedding at Flora Kafe Wangsa Maju - KLPD

this is the area that i am refering to

        <div class="div-weddingflora"></div>
<div class="div-weddingflora"></div>
        <div class="div-weddingflora"></div>

when i inspected the file style.css in my localhost, i can see the entry but when i uploaded it goes missing. any idea what could cause this?

missing from style.css (after upload)

.div-weddingflora {
  background: url("../../assets/img/1.jpg");
  background-size: cover;
  height: 600px;
  background-position: center center;

Delete this part ```

It should just be ```
background: url("assets/img/1.jpg");

Also check your BSS settings

hi floyd

the location is put there automatically by BSS. any way i can edit it in BSS before exporting?

hi again

the enable use absolute paths fixed the issue. thanks!