Need to Update BSS to reflect the current Google Fonts library

It seems that the current list of Google fonts that Bootstrap Studio is “aware of” is somewhat behind the current number of actual Google fonts. Bootstrap Studio Design > Fonts > (right click) > Manage Fonts brings up the Google Fonts import dialogue, and shows a total of 991 fonts.

The actual Google Fonts website currently lists 1011 families.

Specific example: Source Serif Pro. Bootstrap Studio only lists 3 styles for this font when in fact there are 12 styles available on the Google Fonts website.

I presumed this was a sort of “live” connection to Google Fonts, but I guess not, so just bringing it to the attention of the devs. @martin

The Google fonts API limits the number of requests, so we cache the result and embed it statically in the app. This gives better performance and saves us from having to embed an api key in the program.

The downside is that it can get stale over time, but we update it periodically. An update was already planned for 5.5, so the new fonts should show up.

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