Nesting divs?

Is there any way to nest divs or is that Something I will have to do afterwards?

I think a little more detail is needed here as you can nest basic divs by just dragging a div inside a div right on the Overview tree. Is there a specific type of div setup you mean? Or is it just a blank div? If blank then follow what I just said. If something else, share some more details please. :)

I want to create a header with a width of 12. Inside this I want to have a four column layout of differing widths and visibilities. The header column would be blank but would have a background colour.

Grab a "Row", then inside that drag a "Column", rinse and repeat so that you have the following:

Row - Column - - Row - - - Column - - - Column - - - Column - - - Column

This will give you the first Row (label it in the Overview list by right clicking the row and choosing label) to label as Header. Then the first column will basically be the holding tank for the actual row and column that will hold the content.

The reason to do it this way is that you cannot put a column inside a column or a row inside a row, so basically the first two row and column are a sort of wrapper. Then adjust your original first column to 12 col width. Adjust the 2nd set of 4 columns to your desired widths. Don't need divs, drag the actual components you need from the Components tree under Containers.

Hope that helps.

Damn that is obvious lol thanks

hahaha ain't that always the way it seems "after" the fact?! lol good luck with it all!