New CSS file is not exporting

Hello, I exported my project a few weeks ago and the css files that exporting were : Footer-basic.css, styles.css and styles. min.css

I created a new page and added to the css file. However, when i export, the only css files that are now exporting are boostrap.min styles.min how can i get the rest of my css files to re export as I have made updates and changes to both my pages and css files. I need the styles.css file to update and exportI also did the export to a new folder to see if that would work and its not.

Thanks again for your help CCC3

Check to make sure you don’t have the setting ing the project settings turned on that compiles the css/JS into single files.

@jo Prior to seeing your response, I was able to fix it. Guess what, that was the issue!!! THANK you for responding!!! C3

Lol glad it was such a simple fix and kudos for getting it worked out!

@jo Thank you for the encouragement!!! In really appreciate it!!