New CSS Module loves Inline-Style [fixed in 2.6.1]

Creating a normal css-style-file hard to do.

Here what I mean:

  1. List item
  2. create a new design
  3. Add UI - Articles - Article Dual Common
  4. Click the "1. Column" in the "2. Row" - in "Container" in "Block"
  5. in Options click above Layout "Style Attribute" - "Create CSS Block"
  6. an new style is inserted ".col-lg-2.col-lg-offset-2.col-md-offset-1.col-sm-3"
  7. Now I can scale the width for example.

The new css style should be appear in the newly created CSS Block. But this new CSS-block disapears after clicking the width. So the changes are made inline the DIV. But it should be in tne new CSS Block.

To get an normal style I have to:

  1. do the same from point 1 to 6 from above
  2. after creating the new CSS Block, click in the Style - then it is saved. The cursor is still in the CSS.But when changing the width it is inline.
  3. Click in Options "Style Attribute" and select ".col-lg-2.col-lg-offset-2.col-md-offset-1.col-sm-3"
  4. Only now the style is written in the styles.css

Please make the new created CSS-Block active so the changes are written in the right place.

I see Franks point and I would agree that it would make sense to function as he describes. When you click the Create Block in the Options pane's Style Attribute dropdown, that should become the selected rule at that point.


Thanks for this report! We made a fix in version 2.6.1 so that the created block is automatically chosen as the active one.