New Feature: Rename Overview Items


I think renaming the overview Items would be an comfort option to Bootstrap Studio

In big designs it is quickly confused where things are. So renameing them makes an better overview.

If a <div> in a <div> in a <div>... you now what I mean...

Head, Login, Blog instead of SECTION

picture of renameing

Maybe an automatic default value for renameing could be the ID value form html if some exists

What do you think??

This is a great suggestion! We can make the components display their ID attributes, like this:

enter image description here

Do you think this would help? It still requires that you set IDs to elements.

I think that would be very handy

I was thinking that maybe a search in the HTML section would be nice.

Be able to search for a specific type of element by name and/or class/ID etc...

In my current project I had several forms that I had not yet entered form specific attributes so when I went back to do that, I was like oh if only I can do a search for "form" that would be nice. Took me a couple minutes to go through the coding.

With this possible change, I'll just have to be sure to add an ID to my forms before I move on :)


displaying the ID is great. but not everything has an ID, so in step 2... a "custom" Name would be perfect.

And as @saj said... searching in the code...hmmmm.

If I have something wrong an I can't find it - I'll do an export and search in an Texteditor quickly.

But "searchin" is an other feature... should have its own post in the forum...