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Hi All

I used to use Webplus programs to build websites but once serif moved away from the app and made it legacy, they stopped its support.
They too used “Smart forms” where they hosted the forms and send it out but when they stopped the app, these form all go deactivated

With Bootstrap Studios Smart Forms, this is my only worry about this program, will the smart forms feature end? It resulted in me having to recreate all my clients websites again in new software I bought called wysiwyg web builder

Im considering the move over to it, - i have no coding experience but the drag and drop features make it easy to pick up from what im used to

Welcome to the forums TigerBella,

I’m a little confused here. Are you a Bootstrap Studio user? If so then I would highly suggest you get some knowledge of HTML and CSS as well as some basic Bootstrap as this builder is not a 100% wysiwyg web editor. It’s more of a partial drag and drop and using CSS to fine tune it type builder.

It’s a great builder, just won’t be what you need if you have no experience at all other than wysiwyg builders.

If you are you are asking if you should move over to another builder other than this one, that’s not something we would answer here as this forum is for Bootstrap Studio builder.

My query is about the smart forms. Serif webplus had the smart form feature too but when it was no longer supported, I had to move to new software.

I’ve been offered the 14 day trial of the bootstrap program thanks to Martin to use and get familiar with and it is only the form feature that’s throwing me a little off.sofar everything works for me except the forms. (I’ve only been able to find smart form tutorials online for this app)

I’m clearly not as well versed in this software or coding etc as you and many other users of this program may be, but the forms query is my only main concern, everything else seems pretty straight forward and theirs enough on the Web for help on things.
. I’ve tried the form without smart form feature on but have these warning messages when live about not secure etc. Also can’t find much info on that on YouTube.

Tx for ur reply though


I wouldn’t discount using Bootstrap Studio on the basis of whether it has lifetime forms included. While I doubt they would ever remove this feature, it’s only one of many ways to add forms to your website. There are plenty of free and paid form services out there that can be used with Bootstrap Studio… Jotform, Machform, Google forms, etc…

When I made the move from non-responsive to responsive web design, the first program I tried was WYSIWYG web builder. After building one website, I dumped it. The owner/author is impossible to deal with. He has a very fragile ego, and doesn’t take any criticism or suggestions from users on how to improve his software. For example, at the time I bought it, it didn’t support font sizes in anything other than the fixed point sizes used by Microsoft Word. It was ridiculous. And the way it handled responsive design was horrible. He refunded my purchase and I never looked back.

Bootstrap Studio has a bit of a learning curve compared to pure drag and drop builders. You will benefit greatly from learning basic HTML, CSS and understanding how the Bootstrap framework works, but it’s still possible to build a basic website without knowing how to code. The important thing about BSS is that it builds websites CORRECTLY. The code it creates is clean and semantic. And the really standout thing about this software is that the developers are very responsive to the users, and are always improving the software. The users here in the forum are incredibly helpful, and rarely will you run into an issue using the program that won’t be answered here within a day.

For anyone looking to take the next step from a pure drag and drop builder to something that is a little more sophisticated, this is the software I’d recommend. And you won’t find a better deal than the lifetime membership with free hosting, free forms and all updates included.

Hi There. Ah yes, Pablo is a tough pill to swallow. I am not fond when people send replies where they assume they better that the person they messaging. We all people that deserve respect.

Wysiwyg webuilder had been working just find for me over the past few years, in fact, I was only recently made aware of Bootstrap Studio and hence the investigations into issues I’ve come across with past software.

I am truly impressed with this software. Just wish there were more tutorials online on the current version. I’ve been watching hours of videos but based on versions from 6 years ago to some present.

I have been fiddling with the smart forms, just need to find way to change the details the receiver sees when receiving an email. Right now it comes from bootstraps mail, but im sure it won’t be that hard to change.

I’ve built a demo with the form without the smart form feature but have the, this form not secure, popups when trying to fill out the inputs online - still need to see what the issue is there. The form feature in wysiwyg Web builder pretty straight forward and doesn’t require a smart form feature. But again, still need to mess around and research more into this. I’d prefer dealing with 1 program instead of multiples

I have few more days of the trial left, still working through it to see if I come across any other hurdles, but should I do, I will know where to come for answers :wink:

I went back and forth with Pablo a few times trying to explain to him how in 2017, it was extremely important to be able to specify font sizes in all the ways supported by the CSS font rule… pixels, percentages, points, ems, rems and even viewport width or via a calc formula. He fought me tooth and nail and claimed that in ten years, I was the first person to ever request being able to set the font size to something other then the fixed point sizes offered in the program :roll_eyes:. He even went so far as to say that most of his clients were “not professionals.” I swear, those were his exact words! As if having amateur clients justified creating a poor piece of software! I felt like I was dealing with a child with a persecution complex. Ultimately, I found the program was just too limited in allowing the user to really get at the CSS directly, and the code it produced was a nightmare.

Before I discovered Bootstrap Studio (BSS), I purchased a program called Pinegrow (which I still have and occasionally use,) but while Pinegrow is quite powerful and open-ended, it’s also got some annoying idiocracies unique to the software, and the UI leaves a lot to be desired. Plus, it’s quite expensive compared to BSS. But it does get the job done, and it is one of the few website builders that also produces clean, sematic code.

Having a basic familiarity with HTML and CSS, it took me about a two weeks to get comfortable building sites with BSS. Watching their videos and building the example sites alongside the video helped a lot. After a couple months, I knew the program inside and out. The user community in this forum is one of the best I’ve ever interacted with, and the BSS developers are simply first class. Assuming you’re comfortable using Bootstrap, I really don’t think there’s a better website builder (especially for the money) than BSS. You really cannot go wrong with this software.

As for the forms, I don’t use the Smart Forms in BSS. I use Jotform because my form needs are considerably more involved than what can be done with BSS Smart Forms. But there are definitely users here who can help you with any issues you’re running into using Smart Forms.

Thank you once again for all replies.

Its lovely to hear someone speak so passionate about something.

My clients I have are small businesses who don’t even know how to set up an email. I try to offer a full package for them from digital designs to website etc.

Its a side job for me but something I truly enjoy doing.

Wysiwyg webbuilder for me was a tough one to figure out at the start too but as you, after a few weeks or experimenting and so, I go quiet used to it.

Bootstrap studio seems the same, will be definitely trying to recreate some of my sites on the program and see where it takes me.

Thanks again… Ps, will look into this jotforms too

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