newbie help, carousel and fonts

Hi, love this editor, but could do with some idiot proof tutorials! preferably written, im deaf, and old and slow!! i have got the carousel up and running, just wondering if i can somehow get more than three pictures on it? i tried copy and paste, but its locked! could someone please help me with coding to get maybe 6-10 pics instead of three please? and is there way to change fonts? i figured out how to change a font from a template to i guess the standard font, but can you choose a font?

really appreciate any help! just trying to biuld a website for a vintage speedway club! best wishes and thanks, Joanne, cheers

Hi joanne

When you add the carousel you should see an option in screen above the preview window that will say add before , after and that will allow you got add more slides in to your carousel.

As for fonts, the only way to change the fonts is by a) selecting a different theme, b) look at google fonts, find one you like and then copy the CDN link and paste it in the fonts option as a new font in the RH design panel. To get the font to work you will need to copy the body class from the CSS and then change the font family to be your google font

thankyou so much for the quick reply, and the easy solution, very much appreciated, cheers, jo