Newbie - How to create a linked page

I am new to Bootstrap Visual. Going through the tutorial I know how index.html page is created but how do i create another? For example page1.html opened from a link in index.html. Can I create a master page in BS?

You can either duplicate a previously created page or you can right click over the Pages text and choose create new page.

You can duplicate a current page by right clicking over that page in the list and choosing Duplicate.

Simple! Hope that helps!

Thanks, that was helpful but how do i link one page to another? On exporting the first webpage, it is stored as index.html. My understanding is that the copied page will also be saved as index.html. I want to name second page as page2.html and then place a link in page 1 (index.html) to open page2.html. Forgive my ignorance.

Hi bk,

Does this video help at all?

Create Linked Pages

This video is exactly what I was looking for. It should be included in your tutorials menu. Thank you.

I believe it isn't included in an online tutorial or manual, because using links in pages , whether they are in menus or just links on a page is a very basic use of HTML and you should actually know that type of thing before even trying to use programs like this. You will need to have a bit of HTML and CSS knowledge to really get the most out of BSS. I would highly suggest you take a little time and do some online free tutorials on HTML, HTML5, CSS and CSS3 so you can get a handle on the basics so you'll know these little things. :)

I confessed to be a newbie but the tone of your rather patronizing comment indicates you misunderstood the problem that the first time users have in using BSS. The problem is lack of adequate documentation for the product . Are you a user or employee? If an employee you need to be educated how to deal with customers queries.

I'm a user, just like everyone else here. Employees very rarely come to the forum unless they get some time or are checking for spammers or a new update is coming/has been released. I wasn't being patronizing at all, just stating the facts of the situation. You were the one that stated you were new, not me lol.

Other than that, I did happen to miss your question about Master Pages which although it doesn't encompass a "master pages" system, it does use a Linked Pages system. I would suggest you should watch the tutorials, because both of the items you asked about are covered in them. They aren't up to date (just so you know we know too lol), but the basics are the same for much of how it works. There is one with I think 15 steps to making a site or something like that, can't recall it offhand at the moment. That one covers a lot of the basic items.

Unfortunately for the rest you are 100% right, this app is sorely lacking in documentation, hence forum searches will be your best friend for a while. Even without the documentation though, the app shines very well and we hope that somewhere along the line someone will step up and do the documentation it so desperately needs.

I appreciate you being helpful as a user. Keep on with the good work.