Newbie Question - E-commerce and Footer issues

I’m building my ‘shop’ page using the e-commerce BSS ‘product list’ code, connected to Reflow. There are 10 scripts after the footer, before the and tags. This seems to push my footer up to the middle of the page on mobile devices. It is behind the images, and doesn’t appear at all. This is an issue because I need to add Terms, Privacy, etc pages to the footer.
I’ve tried all the footer changes mentioned in the forum here, but they aren’t working, and I realized it must be the scripts pushing my footer up from the bottom. On computer monitors it looks fine, only on devices it seems to be a problem. The shop page is not technically ‘live’ to the public but can be viewed here:

Thank you for any suggestions you guys can offer.

On the product list component you have an inline-style height="1016.297px". remove that and your footer should stay at the bottom of the page.

You must take a look at what you are loading on the page
you have three head sections:
you load bootstrap3.3.6.css three times
you load jquery1.11.3.js three times
you load bootstrap3.3.5.js three times

at the bottom of the page

you load bootstrap.bundler.js twice
you load reflow toolkit twice

Thank you!! I’ll check those issues. I am a newbie but learning as I go along. :wink: