Next gen image support

Not sure if this has been requested before, but could next gen image formats like JPEG 2000, JPEG XR, and WebP be added?

Thanks in advance

To further this, when testing sites on Googles pagespeed insights, the most beneficial way to speed up load times to Serve images in next-gen formats

The fact that there is no universal browser support for these next-gen formats makes them unviable. The minor difference in load time for an optimized jpg vs a webp is not worth the risk of your images not showing for people with iphones or IE. When I analyze my sites, I typically get suggested speed savings of between 1-2 seconds by switching to "optimized images." Hardly worth the risk of my clients not being able to see their images.

Further, all this clamor over mobile site speed, accelerated mobile pages, etc, is about to be rendered moot with the advent of 5G. It reminds me of back when hard discs cost a fortune, and we all used to employ dynamic file compression at the OS level to save space. ZIPping or LZHing every file could squeeze another 30% of out your hard drive with a slight compromise in read-write speed. It was embraced throughout the graphic design industry until cheap storage became available. Now, the notion of compressing files to save space is almost laughable. Compressing files to improve bandwidth/throughput will become similarly laughable in the near future. In ten years, we'll be on to 6G technology, and people will be astonished that we ever compressed anything.

Thank you for the suggestion! Once webp is supported in Safari (ios and desktop) we will look into adding the format to the app.