No Collaborative Editing?

How come Bootstrap Studio has been out for almost 6 years, and it still doesn’t support collaborative editing? I can think of multiple free website editing tools/programs that have collaborative editing, and for this being 40 USD and not have something as simple as collaborative editing is mind boggling.

Are there any plans in the future to make this a thing? It would make this worth the money.

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What website builders do you know of that offer collaborative editing?

(And FYI, this software is one of the best value per dollar programs ever created.)

There is NOTHING that come close to what Bootstrap Studio can do for the price of $60.00, which includes lifetime updates, free forms and 5 freely hosted websites. Mobirise is a joke. Pinegrow is 3 times the cost and has an annual renewal. Wappler is 7 times the cost and has annual renewal. Webflow is twice the cost, and has annual renewal.

I know of no software other than Google Sheets and Google Docs that offer TRUE real-time collaborative editing.


Figma is completely free and has collaborative editing

@strawberrys Umm you didn’t read the fine print in the Pricing list, Figma is only free for 1 project and the unlimited editing is only for 3 files per project, so it’s not even a whole project that can be done for free so … back to square one for you! lol.

I don’t know that this app will ever have collaboration, but I also don’t know that many businesses that can afford multiple people collaborating and those that can are usually using a much higher end (price wise not feature and function wise) software like Dreamweaver and such. Not say it couldn’t happen, but the way things have been discussed so far it sounds like it would be a complete rewrite in order to accomplish it. I think most people here would rather that time be spent on more features, fixes, enhancements, content components etc.

Also, to use Bootstrap with Figma is additional $$ (I didn’t search exhaustively, but the one Bootstrap plug-in I saw was $70.00)

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Yes it says you can only have one project, but that is completely based on accounts. You could have other members start other projects or simply make a new account, and then invite unlimited people to it. Even though it’s obviously not the best for creating projects with a team, it still fits as an example that is free, and has collaborative editing.

And also, why does it matter if not many businesses could afford it? I don’t remember this being an application solely for businesses. For example, I am trying to use Bootstrap Studio to develop frontend with some of my friends for a company they have started. It would cost no extra to do this, and would be an incredibly great feature.

Last thing, I don’t think it would require the Bootstrap team to rewrite the entire program for collaborative editing. Connecting through IP (although not the best or most secure option) would be a completely free choice to enable collaborative editing, without the developers having to pay for hosting. They would just have to send data through the IP’s and then replicate that data to the main save file. You can see something like this done through Visual Studio Code.

I don’t think Bootstrap Studio is a bad program. I actually really enjoy it over anything else I’ve used. All I’m saying is many other programs that are free can do things like this, and this would be an incredible feature to have, seeing as how other people suggested this before.

Collaborative editing is not an easy feature. I might say that it’s actually very hard. I’ve read that it took Figma 2 years to get their application ready for the public.

Bootstrap Studio has lots of functionality that would be incompatible with collaborative editing that would need to be rethought from the ground up and rewritten. Of course it would be a great feature to have, but we have plenty of other, more important things to work on.


Sounds good but that’s super unfortunate. The only other good website editor I can find that has collaborative editing is Anima, which is incredibly expensive at $31 dollars a month for website exporting.

I just came here from a version control thread and I really believe this collaborative editing would help solve the problem that BS presents when working within a team of front-end developers. I understand that there are other features that could be prioritized, however, as time passes, enabling real-time collaboration should only get harder.

This may be a tough feature to develop but I think it would be worth a shot to at least write new code in a way that makes it possible to integrate this kind of workflow in the future. That way, the switch won’t be that much tougher once the development team decides to integrate this. It is also a feature that solves many of the problems that companies find in BS while pondering the option of buying it, so I really support the idea of eventually making it possible.