No license key yet?

Guys, my money has been deducted over an hour ago and no key sent yet... No email acknowledgement of any kind after my purchase... I contacted you via the online form - and neither a reply nor an email acknowledgement of my message...? I have no record of my purchase other than my Paypal receipt. This is making me nervous. Please reply.

ps. My chat forum registration email from you appeared instantly in my mailbox.

You're talking to the wrong place sameer. Contact support via the Contact Us link at the top of the page. This is a user support forum that basically helps people with using the software itself once you have it installed. User to user for the most part.

Yes Jo I understand. This post wasn't my first recourse. This was my last resort after an inexplicably long wait for the key, and a delayed reply from support to my subsequent query. Anyway, all is well now as I was contacted by support and now have access to the application.

ps. Although, maybe user experience at time of signup could be considered a pre-launch bug of sorts - just a polite hint to the admin. The application itself is quite awesome by the way.