No Locking

How about no Locking on components!?

1 - Components are made to be templates, more like guidelines that you can completely change and still have the full features in the "Option" part.

2- Most of these components are made for languages that read and write from Left-To-Right, what about Right-To-Left languages? just because a component looks good in LTR doesn't mean it will look good in RTL.

Bootstrap Studio is a beautiful tool by all means. Don't make the mistakes that other tool made before you.

I'll be happy with just the ability to unlock them with a warning.

add new components with the "Option" menu figuring out the properties

I don’t see unlocking componentnent happening anytime soon as has been asked a few time and dvds have shown no desire to change this.

The app already allows you do add your down ids, classes and attributes to html and you can even convert to html and code manually which gives free range to edit

How about just giving us an unlocked full set of the ~120 HTML5 tags (in pairs with their end tags)? The tags would accept the normal Attributes (ID, Class Names & "other" -- i.e., the + for name & value).

In that way, I could drag a <label> (instead of the "Field Label" component) to the Overview and supply my own class(s) rather than try to figure out how to deal with the locked-in "col-form-label" class.

If I shoot myself in the foot by creating "bad HTML" then the problem is mine --- not BSS's.

@TonyBenedetti ... This dev got a point. Do the BSS devs listen to the users on these threads? I don't like to drag the "I paid, then I should get" we are all devs and we know the struggle, but I bought this for full price for life, so may as well get full features and full control.