Noob with a few important questions on BSS

Hi, I just purchased BSS yesterday and have a few important questions so I can get off to a good start. I have used Joomla in the past but after being hacked numerous time I decided to take a turn in another direction. I have a website I need to rebuild and it used many pages of images with a lightbox. Is there any limits on images with BSS? Are there any addons or plugins that allow using a database to store the image files? And my other question, would it be beneficial to sign up for a Udemy course on Bootstrap version 3 or 4 to further my success in using BSS? Thanks, HM

No Not plugins no, but work arounds I'm sure there are. Others that do databases will have to answer that for sure, but no plugins are used with BSS as of this date. Yes most definitely. Sign up on and you will get emails each morning with a handful of apps on sale. Udemy also advertises through them with courses for 10 bux for almost anything.

Thanks for the info Jo. Now I can try to focus and study the most relevant stuff and get back in the saddle again. I have plenty of apps but will check out BitsDuJoir and see if I need any more. :) HM