Not being able to create custom class

For a place in my website I need to create something that is not bootstrap related. 3 Columns using Flexbox. I have created one Div element (the Row) + 3 more Divs (columns) inside of it. I have assign a custom class for the Div Row (3-cl-container) and when I try to add css to it, nothing actually happen.

I am also not able to select the new class I have created through the Style Attribute dropdown.

Please help me.

Without seeing any code it is difficult to see what is going wrong.

One question, is ‘3-cl-container’ your class name, if so that could be your problem. Class names cannot start with a number

Also if you look in the components list under UI > Structure you’ll find there is a component already built to do the 3 col row. Might save you some time pulling your hair out :slight_smile: